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We are on call 24 hours everyday and ready to respond to any loss that requires an immediate investigation. 

Our Adjusters are:

Claim Handling Standards:

Catastrophe Claim Services:

·  Experienced

·  Knowledgeable

·  Qualified

·  On the cutting edge of Issues pertaining to Policy Coverage

·  Service Oriented

·  Contact made with Insured within 24 hours of assignment

·  Inspection of damage made within 48 hours  under normal circumstances

·  Weekly Status Reports when necessary

·  Photos of risk and damage observed

·  Basic Investigation completed within 7 days

·  Notification of underwriting issues

·  Subrogation/Salvage issues addressed

·  Reserve confirmation or adjustments provided

·  Police and/or Fire Reports when warranted and/or requested.


·  Experienced and specialized catastrophe claims adjusters

·  Catastrophe claims adjusters prepared and ready at all times

·  Catastrophe claims office on location

·  Ready to respond promptly and quickly in a minimum of time

·  Able to submit claims reports electronically to our clients